Date With Destiny: Why Should You Share Your ‘Whole Self’ With Others

Date With Destiny: Why Should You Share Your ‘Whole Self’ With Others

These days, nearly half the population reports feeling lonely, even in the social media era. Oftentimes, people do better on social media because they have an easier time portraying their idealistic traits rather than their flaws. Unlike social networking, real relationships require a bit more transparency, especially over time. For people looking to embrace self-disclosure in their relationship, here’s a list of benefits that make it worthwhile.

It takes mutual give and take.
In a healthy relationship, both partners give some of themselves and take a piece of the other. If one of the partners doesn’t disclose what’s going on with them, it’s hard for their partner to fully empathize and meet their needs. This eventually causes strain in the relationship. If you are having trouble with your relationship you might consider consulting a sexpert to get some great advice on how to spice things up. Although it’s normal to avoid disclosing everything upfront, it’s best to gradually reveal personal details as the relationship progresses.

It creates personal awareness.
In addition to reciprocity, disclosing personal details in a relationship improves the level of intimacy. Sometimes, trouble in a partnership stems from one person’s inability to self-reflect. Also, the inability to self-reflect causes doubt that makes someone insecure about their life and relationship decisions.

Being able to fully disclose details to a partner means the person sharing has embraced details about themselves, whether or not they’re positive. Self-awareness also improves other aspects of life, including work and family relationships.

It attracts genuine people.
Putting on a facade may initially make someone feel attractive, but it’s an easy way to ruin a relationship. Many people go into a relationship projecting what they believe the other person wants. After a while, it’s difficult to keep up the act, leading to the dissipation of the relationship.

Therefore, people who want to date someone who genuinely cares for them should disclose real details about themselves. That way, it’s easier to identify the true motives of the other person.

It relieves stress.
Like any job, being someone else takes lots of energy. For example, an introverted person prefers spending time alone reflecting and recharging their batteries. Pretending to be outgoing puts a mental and emotional strain on an introvert. Instead, being themselves helps conserve energy, relieves stress, and saves time for enjoyable things.

Sometimes being transparent in a relationship is scary. However, true love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It’s challenging at first but being authentic with a partner is the best way to thrive in a committed relationship.