My step mom teach me how to fuck my girlfriend

My step mother taught me how to fiddle with my girlfriend. My stepmother is my porn addiction.
My stepmother is the one that taught me how to watch porn movies. My stepmother is the one
that wants to watch porn movies with me. She made me watch porn movies so that I would learn
what it feels like to be in love.
As a little girl, I was watching porn movies with my baby doll. My porn movies would often times
involve me and my girlfriend having some form of sexual intercourse. My little girl kept asking to
see what she was doing wrong. I would tell her that it was just the film. I felt that I had to keep
those porn movies from her. I felt that it was my responsibility to teach her the art of porn.
As I grew older, my stepmother continued to make me watch porn movies. When I would ask her
about the movies, she would tell me that it was just for my own pleasure. This made me very
uncomfortable. I thought that if I was going to get turned on by porn, then I should want to be
wanking off on real women. My stepmother always avoided letting me view porno magazines.
This was because she felt that I would be porn addicted and she did not want me to become
As I got older, my porn addiction grew along with my confidence. I went from a skinny little thing
to a big strong young man. I used to think that porn was for men, but then one day I discovered
Asian girls. My girlfriend at the time asked me what I was looking at in porn.
I told her that I was watching porn for a sexual therapy. I wanted to learn how to love and please
girls. My step mother did not understand me, so she did not approve of my using porn at all. My
girlfriend broke up with me because of this and it was devastating to me.
Ever since my mother confronted me about my porn addiction, I have realized that my behavior
was wrong. I have come to realize that girls are much sexier than guys and porn is definitely
designed for men to use. Girls are much more into sex than guys and they like it when men
know what they are doing. I have started to act like a normal guy again and I am having great
success with girls. My step mother is proud of me and she does not look down on me anymore.